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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 21, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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bosoms backlash. we'll take you to a place where some women will go broke to pay for breast enhancements. now the government there says it has to stop and gets hit with righteous outrage. jagger's new band. rolling stones front man mick jagger joins us with his brand-new act, a hybrid super group. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 21st, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. with a special west coast edition of "nightline." tonight, breaking news. the state of georgia executed troy davis by lethal injection at 8:08 p.m. pacific time. over the vocal and agonized protests of demonstrators outside the prison and people all over the world.
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davis was convicted in 1989 of murdering mark mcphail, an offduty police officer in savannah. in the years since, eyewitnesses recanted their testimony. there were claims that another man confessed to the crime. and support for clemency for davis spread internationally. from former fbi director william sessions to pope benedict xvi. many, many people believed there was just too much doubt here to put a man to death. for her part, the mother of the murder victim said she wanted closure. >> i have been through hell. especially the last couple of years when everything was kind of building up and we had to go to court again and again. so i need some peace. >> courts rejected davis' pleas, including at the 11th hour tonight, the u.s. supreme court. troy davis was 42 years old and he is the 35th person to be executed in the united states this year. we turn now to a murder trial in progress in florida
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where the defense today began its efforts to convince a jury that a millionaire developer did not murder his wife. he admits to having shot her. he told the 911 operator as much. but he says it was an accident. here's ashleigh banfield. >> diane killed herself tonight. >> reporter: blunt and to the point. a florida millionaire calls his lawyer with some shocking news. >> there's nothing to be worried about, other than my wife is dead. >> reporter: today, bob ward's defense team began the process of dismantling the case prosecutors have built against him. >> is that consistent with a struggle with a gun, based on your experience? >> well, it is -- certainly if people are struggling over a weapon, you can have almost anything occur. this was, in my mind, was never consistent with a gunshot wound suicide. it was more consistent with struggling over a weapon. >> reporter: but in an age where trials play out live on tv, his actions are as much a part of this case as the complex forensics unraveling in court.
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>> it's the end of the barrel to the skin. >> reporter: jurors are being asked to decide if diane ward committed suicide as her husband bob tried to save her. or, if bob shot her in the face, in cold blood. not an easy mystery to solve. but along with gunshot residue, autopsy shots and a paper trail of crippling debt, they are being given a glimpse into the millionaire's mind and a telling look at how he behaved the night diane died and police brought him in. >> i haven't told them anything at all but i mean, you know, i got two kids in the morning i got to deal with. >> reporter: bob ward had no idea this conversation was being recorded. a phone call from jail the night diane died. >> i mean, you know, i got a dead wife that's been hauled out of there. >> it should have come as no surprise to bob ward that he was being recorded at a police station when he was on the phone. >> reporter: even as detectives gave ward his cell phone, he joked about the battery. >> oh, yeah, we're still up, got
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two bars. >> reporter: and when they began to talk, he seemed unusually sanguine about the death of his wife. >> i don't know what happened. i'm still trying to figure out -- >> no, i understand. my wife's dead. >> reporter: when it came to breaking the news to his wife's sister -- >> hello? >> paula? hey, let me speak to glen, please. >> reporter: he instead asked to speak to her husband. >> diane's dead. >> oh, no. is there anything that you can say about how it happened, or -- >> it was a very tragic accident. and other than that, all i wish i could do was go [ bleep ] and shoot myself in the [ bleep ] head and go on. >> reporter: ward was denied bail and was seen on jailhouse visitation tapes dancing for his smiling daughter mallory and giving a light-hearted tour of his cell. >> no cold water. and barely any hot water. toilet does flush, though.
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so -- believe me, i'm out here in the ritz. >> that's a change of -- such a lifestyle change for you. >> reporter: certainly would be helpful for the defense if he was distraut and confused and upset, as opposed to being sort of cavalier about the whole thing. >> reporter: neither mallory nor her sister sarah have helped the prosecution. in fact, sarah struggled through her testimony just days into his trial, suggesting she thought her mom had been drinking the night she died. >> was she slurring her words? >> no. >> were you there to observe her demeanor? >> no. >> do you -- you were not there when your mother ended up shot in the face. >> that sound? sarah ward's father, slamming his hand on the table in the courtroom, right in front of his daughter, who quickly broke down. as ward is consoled by his attorney, sarah tries to leave the stand but is overcome with
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emotion. just after the shooting, ward seemed extremely confident his stay at the orange county jail was going to be a short one, especially with his wife's funeral on the horizon. >> get out of here, i think the first of the week with no problem. anything scheduled service wise this weekend? >> reporter: that was two years ago this week. and bob ward is still in lockup. he's brought to and from court every day and will be, at least until the end of this week, when the case is expected to wrap up. for "nightline," this is ashleigh banfield in new york. >> thanks to ashleigh banfield / for that, our reports from the courts tonight. just ahead, we're going to shift gears. we're going to tell you about a national political clash over the right to breast enhancements. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >> venezuelan president hugo chavez is a divisive figure. five years ago yesterday he called president george w. bush the devil in an appearance at the united nations. but now chavez has managed to say something that's got him in real hot water on his own turf. in his own country. about a subject his countrymen and countrywomen take very seriously. breast enlargement. here's abc's matt gutman in caracas. >> reporter: forget oil. there is no commodity more valued in venezuela than beauty. just look at the pageants. six miss universe titles. five times miss world. total of 11 to america's 10. so, how do they do it? >> a loud secret.
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open secret. >> reporter: dr. peter romer is the michelangelo of plastic surgery. he has personally nipped, tucked and enhanced thousands of caracas women and two of venezuela's pageant queens. >> all the girls are gorgeous. almost perfect. and my work is just change little things. >> reporter: to make them almost perfect? >> to perfect. >> reporter: in some countries the open secret might be scandalous. but it's gotten so that implants in venezuela are to be flaunted. not just among beauty contestant, but working class folks who admire them. why are people so obsessed with breasts here? >> because here we have the beauty pageants, miss venezuela. and all the girls are so flawless. and they are -- they have big boobs, they are the perfect leg, the hair. and everybody wants to be like them. >> reporter: and so growing up, corina gonzalez imagined she would one day be a model.
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we first met her at one of one of caracas' premier beauty schools. there, some of caracas' girls pay to learn how to walk like a model. the 23-year-old always wanted to enhance her beauty. for her mother, corina's new implants had little to do with beauty and a lot to do with necessity. you feel like no matter what happens, whether or not she becomes a model, this investment will pay off? >> translator: it's an investment. no matter what you do, she's getting prepared for life. for any kind of job. all the courses she does and the beauty stuff is directed to her own growth. it's an investment. no matter where she will use it. >> reporter: which means whether beauty contestant or professional, they'll come in handy. everybody seems to be obsessed with breasts. >> it's really funny. on every street you see womans with boobs and it's like, oh my gosh. >> reporter: earlier this year, out of the blue, the country's socialist president staked a claim against breast implants.
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the self-proclaimed feminist president criticized poor women who bought costly breast implants they couldn't nearly afford. but he saved his special venom for doctors he claims rake in cash by convincing women that if they don't have big bosoms, they're not beautiful. do you think the president should be telling people what to do with their money? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: yeah? >> we are free. we have a free country. >> reporter: still, some people think president chavez has a point. nearly 40,000 women in this country undergo breast augmentation each year and many sacrifice to do so. you saved for six months. was it worth it? wow, you stopped your studies to get these implants. and was it worth it? >> wow. >> reporter: they take out loans, borrow from parents and boyfriends and generally spend money they don't have. >> there's actually commercials on television from pharmacies that are offering a type of
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credit card that's just for financing breast implants. >> reporter: ava is one of chavez's advisers. especially in a country where implants cost $2,000 to $5,000, that's what people are spending. that's a lot of money. >> it's a lot of money. of course it well beyond the means of most venezuelans. so right, that's the major criticism. especially what president chavez is saying. this is not where your money should be invested in. >> reporter: still, women here do not want their president telling them how to spend their money. did you hear that president chavez, a few weeks ago, came out and said, enough with this madness about plastic surgery. >> translator: no, i didn't hear. but it's a silly thing. it's a personal choice. >> reporter: everybody and everybody has their own theories. >> he's crazy. i mean -- i think he needs to get a woman or something. yeah. i mean, i think he's frustrated or something, i don't know. >> reporter: jokes aside, in the
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epic battle of president versus the venezuelan version of beauty, there is one clear victor. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman, abc news, caracas. >> matt gutman reporting from venezuela there. next up, a new super band, with some very familiar faces. ♪ ♪ three, six, nine ♪ the goose drank wine ♪ the monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line ♪ ♪ ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ pat it on your partner's hand ♪ ♪ right hand ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ cross it with your left arm ♪ pat your partner's left palm ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand, pat your partner's right palm ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new beetle. it's back. ♪ clap, slap, clap your hands
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buy any two lysol products, and get lysol wipes for free. his voice captured the rebellious youthful spirit of a generation. and today, mick jagger is still an icon. robin roberts m s met up with h and his new super group in new
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york city. ♪ i can't get no ♪ satisfaction >> reporter: the lead singer of the rolling stones is a millionaire many times over. he's 68 years old. and he could be resting on his grammys and playing with his grand kids. but instead? ♪ there's nothing wrong with you ♪ ♪ i can't think >> reporter: he's got a brand new sound and a new band. supposed to be liberating because you just want to have fun. >> it's very liberating. ♪ i'm very well prepared >> reporter: his band mates now are david stewart from eurythmics, soul singer joss stone. bob marley's son damian. and a.r. rahman who wrote the music from "slumdog millionaire." ♪ i need your crazy energy >> reporter: a jam session with them turned into the group superheavy. >> even though in your heart you might think, this is never going to work -- you know what i mean?
11:56 pm
you might think it's never going to work. but that's that part of you. and the other part goes, yeah, but -- let it go. because it may work. >> reporter: can you define the type of music it is? >> it represents in our own small way some kind of deviation from the norm. it is one but it's still accessible, we hope. it was a bit challenging. you just don't want every time to be repetition of what it sounds like before. >> reporter: what have you learned from one another? >> nothing. >> nothing at all. mick's really the most amazing lyrics. you could read them and it would still be an awesome story. i get too impatient sometimes and i just write whatever i think. >> reporter: what have you learned in this process, a.r.? >> not a thing too much. >> not a thing? >> reporter: mick was always the pretty one. now he seems content to turn that role over to joss. ♪
11:57 pm
>> she sings when she wants to. >> no, i don't. it's much nicer than that when i do it! ♪ i'm going to the bathroom >> exactly. ♪ >> reporter: are you going to take this on the road? >> yes. aren't we, mick? >> reporter: but the tour everyone is really wondering about is for the rolling stones 50th anniversary. plans have stalled because of a reported feud between mick and rolling stone keith richards, who wrote a tell-all autobiography in which he belittled the lead singer next year, going to be 50 years. everyone is wondering if it's going to happen. anything that could change your mind to want to go out? >> be a very big cake. i'm going to jump out dressed as a woman. >> oh.
11:58 pm
>> in a dress. >> earrings? >> big earrings. everyone will cheer. i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: 50 years. >> i know. >> reporter: your music has people, when they hear it, it takes them back to a certain time in their life. >> yeah. people say funny things to me like that. they say, yeah, well, you know, we created our first child to "beast of burden." i say, that's nice. ♪ i won't be your beast of burden ♪ >> reporter: marine 5 pains homage to him in their hit song "moves like jagger." ♪ got them moves like jagger >> oh, yeah, the song about me, my moves. very flattering. and they use some of my old clips. >> reporter: you still -- you got it. you are like a teenager. >> i'm not like a teenager at all. i'm not -- i'm at least 25.
11:59 pm
>> reporter: you have a teenage -- >> well, thank you. i do have quite a lot of children and they kind of, like -- you have to be -- you can't be like some old codger when you have children. ♪ regenerate your heart >> reporter: and this father of seven, grandfather of four knows that people are still watching his every move. >> that was fun. thanks to robin roberts for that. thank you for watching abc news. "good morning america" will have the very latest on the execution of troy davis and we'll see you here tomorrow. >> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- julie bowen. >> yo, yo, yo. i swear to god, that was you. >> jimmy: how dare you. you can always tell simon cowell is coming back to tv when there's a shortage of black t-shirts at


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